Aeration and Seeding in Kansas City


Aeration and seeding are two crucial, yet often overlooked, tasks in keeping your lawn green and healthy. The Kansas City lawn care experts at Austin’s Lawn Care offer aeration and seeding services that will have your lawn looking thick and lush.


Aeration, sometimes referred to as core aeration, is a lawn treatment that removes small plugs of soil, which breaks up soil compaction and build-up of thatch, allowing water, nutrients, and air to penetrate and nourish the root system more effectively. Aeration improves absorption of fertilizers and your lawn’s ability to survive heat and drought conditions common during Kansas City summers. The result is a healthier lawn. Austin’s Lawn Care recommends aeration take place annually, ideally before or at the same time as seasonal fertilization for better root growth. In Kansas City, fall is usually the best time to aerate your lawn.


Grass reproduction rates naturally slow after five to six years, causing it to thin and making it vulnerable to weed growth and diseases. For this reason, seeding is necessary every three to four years to keep your lawn thick and lush. Drought conditions, common during hot Kansas City summers, can make seeding necessary even more often. Seeding revitalizes your grass, making it thicker, denser, and more resistant to weeds and disease. Seeding can be used to treat bare spots, high-traffic areas, brown or discolored areas, or thinning areas in your lawn. Austin’s Lawn Care recommends seeding your lawn immediately following aeration, ideally in the fall.

Austin’s Lawn Care provides aeration and seeding services throughout Kansas City and Johnson County, including Overland Park, Leawood, Lenexa, and Shawnee. Call Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 for a free estimate.