Sprinkler head on lawn irrigation system.

Spring Irrigation System Start Up and Repair in Kansas City

Nothing signifies the start of spring and warmer weather quite like turning on your irrigation system for the first time. If you are like most Kansas City homeowners, this monumental action cannot come soon enough. However, a few things need to be done before you can safely start running your home’s irrigation system this season.

Three things to keep in mind before you first operate your irrigation system this spring include:

Schedule a Start Up Appointment
Before you even think about turning your irrigation system on this spring, schedule a start up appointment with Austin’s Lawn Care. During your start up, an irrigation expert will get an overview of your system while safely activating it for the season. With a checklist in hand, we will ensure your irrigation system is in top-shape and ready to be used.

Be Aware of Potential Problems
Especially if your irrigation system was not properly winterized, there are a number of common problems homeowners can face at the start of spring. These range from leaks in the lines to trapped water in areas of lower elevation to clogged nozzles and more. Our experts will be on the lookout for any of these problems during your start up appointment, but if you notice an issue with your irrigation system before then, give Austin’s Lawn Care a call and one of our technicians will help provide a quick, effective solution.

Repair Necessary Pieces
At your scheduled start up, there is a chance one of our experts will find a damaged section of your system that needs repaired. These necessary repairs can be as simple as a broken head and zones that need adjusting, or more intrusive fixes like broken pipes or bad plumbing. While they can be frustrating, taking the time to make these repairs now will lead to a better irrigation experience this spring and summer.

Whether your irrigation system is only a year old or has been a part of your property for over a decade, Austin’s Lawn Care can help you get it prepared for the warm seasons ahead. From start ups to repairs to answering all of your questions and more, our experts are here to help with all of your irrigation needs. To learn more or to get your irrigation system ready for spring, contact Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 today.