Ice Treatment

Commercial Ice Treatment in Kansas City

As everyone in Kansas City knows, winter weather doesn’t always mean just snow. Many times ice is involved. It can be under the snow, on top of the snow, or even without snow. Ice can also be much more dangerous that snow. In addition to being slick, ice can be difficult to see, making accidents more likely. It can also weigh down tree limbs, creating a hazard to people, property, and power lines.

Ice treatment requires a different approach than snow removal. Austin’s Lawn Care offers commercial ice treatment services in Kansas City to keep your commercial property safe and accessible when Mother Nature attempts to turn it into an ice rink.

Before any forecasted ice storms, Austin’s Lawn Care will come out and pretreat your property. When the ice hits, our commercial ice treatment crews are out 24/7 treating your property so you can continue business as usual. Austin’s Lawn Care’s commercial ice treatment crews in Kansas City and Overland Park, KS use tailgate spreaders with either rock salt or a three-way salt blend to treat your parking lots, entryways, and drives. We will also treat your walks, sidewalks, and stairs, ensuring they are safe for customers and employees. In some cases, ice will refreeze after treatment. If this occurs, Austin’s Lawn Care will come out and perform an additional ice treatment as needed.

In addition to making roads and sidewalks slick and hazardous, ice can also weigh down tree branches, creating a dangerous situation. While not part of our routine ice treatment plans, Austin’s Lawn Care can come out to remove dangerous or damaged branches and remove debris.

Austin’s Lawn Care offers commercial ice treatment services for all types of commercial clients in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas, including retail outlets, restaurants, office complexes, banks, hotels and motels, health care facilities, home owners associations, retirement communities, school districts, industrial properties, and more.

Contact Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 now to establish an ice management plan so you’re prepared before the ice arrives.