Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Kansas City

Even the most beautiful and elaborate landscaping isn’t complete without the right landscape lighting. Whether you have a small yard or an expansive estate, Austin’s Lawn Care can help you design the perfect landscape lighting configuration for your landscape.

Investing in landscape lighting for your landscape offers a number of benefits. Landscape lighting will increase the usability of your outdoor environment, allowing you to enjoy it well after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting can also increase safety and security by illuminating walkways and steps to prevent falls and injuries. The additional outdoor lighting will also deter burglars and prowlers by eliminating potential hiding spots. In addition, landscape lighting will accent your landscaping and improve the curb appeal of your home.

The best landscape lighting configuration will consist of a variety of lighting styles. The experts at Austin’s Lawn Care will work with you to create the best combination of landscape lighting for the size, style, and layout of your property. A good place to start is to walk around your property at night to determine which areas could benefit most from landscape lighting. Landscaping lighting should add dimension. You don’t want to overload your yard with lights. If you light everything, your landscaping will look flat.

At Austin’s Lawn Care, we install LED landscape lighting. LED landscape lighting is very bright, especially for the size of unit. Casings can enhance and focus the light output, while diffusers can soften it. One of the biggest benefits to using LED landscape lighting is energy efficiency. LED bulbs last up to 30 times longer than standard bulbs and significantly longer than even compact fluorescent bulbs. LED landscape lighting also offers low energy consumption, using 75 percent less energy than traditional landscape lighting systems.

As part of your landscape lighting installation, the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care will position your lighting carefully to ensure they highlight the landscape features you want accented and that they don’t shine into any indoor rooms or create light pollution. We can create lighting zones with separate controls, dimmers, and motion sensors that allow you to turn lights on and off as needed in specific areas.

Consider not only what type of landscaping lighting you want, but also the style of the light fixtures. Select fixtures that suit your personal style and that complement your home’s exterior. Any outdoor lighting fixtures must be waterproof.

If you’re ready to add landscape lighting to your landscaping, give Austin’s Lawn Care a call at 913-422-0012. In addition to landscape lighting design and installation, Austin’s Lawn Care also offer landscape lighting maintenance and repair services.


  • Spot Lighting – Perfect for task lighting, such as outdoor kitchens
  • Up-Lighting – Directional lighting that is great for accenting features such as trees, walls, columns, and facades from below
  • Low Lighting – Soft illumination for seating areas and setting the mood
  • Recessed Lighting – Great for increasing safety around steps and walkways
  • Post and Rail Lighting – Ideal for illuminating boundaries
  • Hanging Lights and Sconces – Excellent for mood lighting
  • Flood Lights With Motion Sensors – Increases safety and security
  • Landscape Water Lights – Enhances waterfalls, ponds, fountains and other water features