Irrigation Installation

Commercial Irrigation Installation

Commercial landscaping is a significant investment for any type of business, whether it’s a retail complex, corporate campus, a park, athletic field, school, golf course, or country club. Proper irrigation and water management is critical to the success and longevity of your commercial landscaping. Austin’s Lawn Care has designed and installed commercial irrigation systems for all types of businesses throughout the Kansas City metro area.

A reliable and well-designed commercial irrigation system from Austin’s Lawn Care will protect your investment and keep your commercial landscaping healthy and beautiful, leaving potential clients with a positive impression and increasing the value of your business. Austin’s Lawn Care uses the latest and most innovative commercial irrigation products and designs to implement a commercial irrigation system that will save your business time, water, and money. A commercial irrigation system removes the need for manual watering, meaning you no longer have to guess about how much or how often to water your commercial landscaping. Optimal watering is achieved by incorporating zone systems, soil moisture sensors, rain shutoff devices, and drip irrigation. Your commercial landscaping receives the precise amount of water it needs with no wasted water.

No two properties have the same irrigation needs. For this reason, Austin’s Lawn Care uses a customized approach to designing your commercial irrigation system. When designing your commercial irrigation system, we take all aspects of your commercial landscaping into you consideration, including your property size, types and placements of vegetation, water sources, water pressure, sloping, drainage issues, and soil type. We design your commercial irrigation system to ensure the right combination and placement of equipment is used. The professionals at Austin’s Lawn Care are skilled to solve all types of complex irrigation issues. In addition to your current irrigation needs, Austin’s Lawn Care also looks at long-term use and requirements to ensure your commercial irrigation system meets your needs for years to come. We can also expand existing commercial irrigation systems.

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