Snow Removal

Kansas City Snow Removal Services

Whether it’s several inches in a short amount of time or continuous snow over several days, Kansas City snow can be brutal. While it’s beautiful to look at and the answer to the prayers of many school children, for your business it can mean lost revenue and a safety liability for your customers and employees.

When you think of Austin’s Lawn Care, you probably think of landscaping design and maintenance. But Austin’s Lawn Care can actually care for your property all year long. During those harsh winter months, we offer reliable and thorough commercial snow removal services, ensuring your property is accessible and allowing you to continue business as usual no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Long before the first flakes fall, Austin’s Lawn Care will come out establish a snow management plan, including an assessment of your property. We’ll take measurements and make note of everything from traffic patterns to hazards so that we know what we’re dealing with before it’s covered with inches of snow.

As winter rolls in, Austin’s Lawn Care carefully monitors the weather forecasts so we’re ready to react before the snow shows up. We’ll send you timely alerts regarding forecasted storm severity and our pretreatment and snow removal plans prior to any weather events so you can react appropriately.

When the snow does hit, Austin’s Lawn Care is on it. Our commercial snow removal crews are out 24/7, working to ensure your property is properly treated so that it is safe and accessible. Our snow removal experts are thoroughly trained and use professional snow removal equipment to get the job done right. We plow drives, parking lots, and entryways, then we shovel all walks, sidewalks, and stairs. Depending on the severity of the storm and your business’ hours of operation, we may plow once or we may plow multiple times.

Austin’s Lawn Care offers commercial snow removal services for all sizes of properties, from a small lot to a large retail or industrial complex. We service all types of commercial clients in the Kansas City and Overland Park areas, including retail outlets, restaurants, office complexes, banks, hotels and motels, health care facilities, home owners associations, retirement communities, school districts, industrial properties, and more.

Contact Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 now to get a snow management plan in place so when the first flakes fall, you can sit back and enjoy the view.