Spring lawn aerating

Benefits of Aerating Your Yard this Spring

Ahh, it is finally the time of year when the air is filled with the sounds of lawnmowers and the scent of fresh-cut grass. With spring quickly shifting into gear, it is time to commit to giving your lawn the care it deserves. One of the best ways to care for your grass is by aerating it in the early spring.

Aerating your lawn in the early spring boasts a number of benefits, including:

Improved Ground Composition
Aeration is a lawn treatment that removes small plugs of soil from the ground. This process breaks up compacted soil and overgrown thatch, leaving behind small holes that soften your yard. The space left behind by aeration helps water, air, and other nutrients reach deep into the soil, where it otherwise would not have been. Spring is the perfect time to perform this treatment, since your lawn has likely become overly compacted due to the brutal Kansas City winter.

Better Lawn Lushness
Aerating your yard helps contribute toward a lush, healthy lawn all season long. By aerating before temperatures skyrocket, you will give new seeding and existing grass a chance to grow strong roots, which gives the look and feel of a full, thick lawn for many months to come.

Boosted Effectiveness of Fertilizer
When you pair aeration with fertilizing in the early spring, you will boost the effectiveness of the fertilizer’s nutrients. Since the fertilizer will be able to reach deeper into your soil, your grass will be able to efficiently soak up more, helping your lawn to get the most out of both treatments. Plus, the spring timeline gives your grass all of the incoming warm weather to use the nutrients and grow healthier than ever before.

Before baseball is in full swing and the temperatures are soaring near 90, make an appointment with Austin’s Lawn Care for an aeration treatment, and enjoy the benefits all season long. To learn more or to schedule aerating for your lawn, contact Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 today.