Parking Lot Snow Removal

Kansas City Snow Removal

With feet of snow already on the ground and winter weather far from over in the Kansas City area, there is a good chance that you, just like many other business owners, are tired of dealing with it. Austin’s Lawn Care knows that keeping your commercial property safe and operational whether there is an inch or a foot of snow on the ground is a priority. That is why our team of professionals is committed to providing you with reliable, effective snow removal help.

Before the Storm
Before the local stations are even predicting flurries, we will meet with you to determine the needs of your property. We will visit in person and take a thorough assessment of the space, noting measurements, traffic patterns, and other hazards that we need to be aware of before they are coated in snow. Once forecasts start to pop up, we will alert you about the severity, and keep you informed of our plans for pre-treating and removal.

As Snow Accumulates
Once the storm begins and snow starts to stick, our crews will be out 24/7 clearing and maintaining your property. We make sure your space is accessible by plowing drives, parking lots, and entryways, while shoveling walks, sidewalks, and stairs.

After the Skies Clear
Just like each snowflake, we know not all winter storms are alike. Because of this, we keep a close eye on your property even after the precipitation stops falling, and re-treat the area as needed. If snow piles back up or re-freezes and you need access to your business, we will make sure all is clear and safe.

From small businesses to major corporations and everything in-between, there isn’t a snow removal job we can’t handle. Before the next Kansas City snow storm strikes, contact Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 to start a snow management plan for your commercial property.