Winter Plants Indoors

How to Keep a Green Thumb in the Winter

While the sky may be dull and gray now, warmer weather and colorful landscapes are not far away. Keeping your green thumb in a Kansas City winter can be difficult, but with a little time and the right activities, you can enjoy the beauty of growing your own plants even as the blizzards continue outside.

Three ways to keep your green thumb this winter include:

Grow Indoor Plants

Certain plants like herbs are great for growing indoors during the winter. Choose your favorite varieties and give them a prominent home inside of windowsills throughout your space. Not only will this keep your thumb green, but it will also provide a colorful contrast to the neutral hues of winter outside.

Get Garden-Ready

Even though temperatures are still below freezing, you can begin your summer garden inside this winter. Simply take an egg carton or other biodegradable container, fill it with planting soil, and then plant seeds of your choice. Keep these planted seeds in your basement, watering regularly, until the spring arrives and it is time to transfer to your garden outside.

Do Your Research

Finally make this year the year that you commit to growing your favorite flower along your fence or learning how to best care for the tomato plants on your deck. Do your research now by perusing popular blogs and books about your chosen goal, and your green thumb will be ready to go once the weather warms up.

While you are planning, prepping, and practicing your green thumb this winter, consider partnering with the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care for all of your landscaping needs. From the proper aeration and seeding your yard requires to irrigation systems that will keep all of your plants healthy, our team can help you create a green paradise.

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