Kansas City Ice Treatment

Nothing frustrates people more in the winter than ice. It is enough to have to scrape the windshield each morning, but when an ice storm – or let’s face it, even a light glaze – arrives and covers your business’ parking lot, sidewalks, and more, ice can become both a nuisance and a danger. The experts at Austin’s Lawn Care understand the frustration and safety issues ice can cause. That is why we offer commercial ice treatment for the Kansas City area.

While ice skating may be fun, it is never enjoyable when you and your employees have to partake while arriving to work. We make it our commitment to create a safe environment for your business before, during, and after icy weather. Ice is harder to remove than snow, so our team has created a proven method for treating your commercial property during the winter months.

Before a forecasted storm, Austin’s Lawn Care will pretreat your property. This will help stop as much ice as possible from forming in the first place, and make removing any ice that does accumulate a quicker process. Once the storm hits, our commercial ice treatment crews will use bulk spreaders, tailgate spreaders, and  liquid sprayers that deliver liquid calcium or salt brine while caring 24/7 for your property so that your business can remain safe and operational.

Once your property has been treated, the Austin’s Lawn Care team will check back and make sure the ice does not refreeze in the bitter Midwestern temperatures. If it does, we will apply more treatment to your parking lots, entryways, drives, walks, sidewalks, and stairs to ensure your employees are safe. Plus, if your business suffers from damaged tree limbs because of the ice, we can help. While not a part of our ice treatment plan, our crew can work with you to help remove dangerous branches and debris.

Enjoy peace of mind this winter by partnering with Austin’s Lawn Care to take care of all of your ice treatment needs in Kansas City. Contact us at 913-422-0012 to be prepared for the next ice storm.