Landscaping Tips from Austin's Lawncare Blog

Landscaping Tips

Your landscape tells the story of the home it surrounds. From intricate flowerbeds to simple pathways leading to a porch, your landscape should show off your personality while remaining both functional, and easy to maintain. Creating the perfect landscape for your home can seem intimidating, however, achieving a great space doesn’t have to be hard.

When building your home’s landscape, keep these four tips in mind:

Plan it Completely
Before you start buying bags of mulch or laying concrete, create a thorough plan that is drawn out and includes all of the aspects of the landscape you want. Make sure there is room for every element on your list by using scale drawings, or even by partnering with a professional, like the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care, to help you properly plan the project.

Have a Hard Start
When you’re ready to start your landscape, be sure to begin with any hardscaping elements – like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, retaining walls, and more. Since these pieces will be permanent fixtures of your landscape, it is best to complete them first, and finish your softscaping around them.

Choose Climate Friendly Plants
Just because a certain flower is your favorite, doesn’t mean it will survive in the Kansas City climate. When choosing vegetation for your landscape, do your research and make sure the plants you buy will be able to live and thrive in your climate.

Light Properly
As a finishing touch, make sure to properly light all areas of your landscape. Whether for throwing entertaining parties or simple security purposes, the right landscape lighting can be both functional and beautiful.

Building your home’s landscape is an exciting project. Make the most out of it by partnering with the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care. Not only will our professionals help you plan and install a beautiful landscape, but we will also be there to help you maintain it for the years to come. After all, the best kind of landscape is one that is well cared for.

To learn more or to start planning your own landscape, visit Austin’s Lawn Care today.