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Managing Turf Drought

When people think about Kansas City weather patterns, it’s no secret that most people picture a swinging pendulum. From freezing winds to torrential downpours to heat advisories, just about every forecast can make its way through the Metro – sometimes even in the same week. Unfortunately, this intense weather can cause your turf to suffer. A major issue caused by weather that homeowners should be aware of and know how to handle is turf drought.

Turf drought occurs when inadequate water and nutrients make their way into your grass, stunting its health and growth. Some of the first signs of turf drought include color change (from a healthy green to a shade of brown) and an increase of brittleness in your blades. Luckily, turf drought can be reversed if cared for quickly at the first onset of symptoms and with the proper technique.

Some ways to treat and avoid future turf drought in your lawn include:

Irrigate Regularly
Especially important during times of weather related drought, irrigating your turf is a vital way to ensure your lawn is getting the proper water levels it needs to thrive. Water early in the morning to ensure your turf will absorb it throughout the day, and be sure to irrigate deeply enough that the water penetrates into the soil to the root of your grass. If there are water restrictions in place due to extreme drought, even just a half an inch of water every one to two weeks will keep your turf hydrated.

Mow Wisely
When mowing your drought affected turf, take extra precaution so that your blades are not harmed. Use a sharp blade on your mower to avoid tearing, since tearing causes moisture loss in your grass. Also, be sure to never remove more than one third of new growth in any new mowing period, since doing so would cause a reduction in root mass and moisture retention. Alternating mowing patterns will also help to lessen the stress on your lawn, helping it to thrive even under less than ideal circumstances.

Supply Nutrients
By giving your lawn proper fertilization during times of drought, you’ll ensure the grass is getting the nutrients it needs to not only survive, but also thrive once health is restored. Chemicals like slow release nitrogen or potassium are a great way to breathe new life into your grass during seasons of drought. Other practices such as wetting agents like LEACOFlo Ultra (for preventative care) and LESCOWet Plus (for emergency needs) are a great way to reduce surface tension in your soil, making sure water is used as effectively and efficiently as possible in your lawn.

Turf drought can be frustrating for homeowners who crave the perfect lawn, but can be managed with the help of a professional like Austin’s Lawn Care. From in-the-moment fixes to regular preventative maintenance including aeration and seeding, the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care will help give your lawn the treatment it needs to thrive through every Midwestern weather pattern.

To learn more or to schedule treatment for your lawn, visit Austin’s Lawn Care today.