Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

Nothing is more rewarding to homeowners than a beautiful lawn. Not only does a well-maintained lawn make for better baseball games in the yard with your kids, but it also adds immense curb appeal and tangible value to your home. But how do you get a great looking, healthy lawn?

Make sure your home’s lawn is in peak condition with these five tips:

Stay Sharp
While many understand the importance of not scalping their lawn each time they mow, most people ignore the most vital need for a great lawn – sharp mower blades. When your blades are sharp each time you mow, your grass will not only look better, but it will grow healthier and lusher with each trim.

Water Regularly
Watering your lawn on a regular basis is one of the best ways to promote healthy, even growth. However, watering too much can drown your turf, so make sure to carefully monitor how much you are giving your grass – or even better – install a smart irrigation system that can measure and distribute the right amount on a daily basis for you.

Provide Peak Fertilization
Fertilizing your lawn during warm months is a great way to set your turf up for long term success. When you fertilize right at the start of the hot months before rapid summer growth takes over, your grass will soak in the nutrients it needs to thrive all season.

Aerate Early
By partnering with a professional to aerate by the start of summer, as well as at the beginning of fall, your lawn will be able to soak water and nutrients far down into its roots from the first part of the growing season, giving you a fuller, livelier lawn for longer.

Optimize Seeding
No matter how well you mow or water it, lawns with high traffic often need extra seeding to help boost thin patches. During late summer, seed those problem areas of your lawn to improve lushness and jumpstart your yard for the next year.

Whether you care for your lawn yourself or partner with the experts at Austin’s Lawn Care, treating your yard with these simple tips is an easy way to make the most of your outdoor space. A little attention this summer will go a long way in the seasons to come – both in the beauty and value of your property.

To learn more about these and other lawn care tips, visit Austin’s Lawn Care today.