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Tips for Landscape Planting

Spring has arrived in the Kansas City metro, and with it, the urge for homeowners to get outside and get their hands dirty by planting new life into their landscape. From flowers to grass to even trees and shrubs, new plants are always a pleasant, value-adding touch to any yard.

When planting your landscape this year, keep the following tips in mind for optimal results:

While flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to your landscape, picking the right location is vital for the plants to thrive. Opt for a location that gets a nice balance of direct sunlight and shade throughout the day for best vibrancy and lifespan.

Planting grass from seed yields best results after you have aerated your lawn. Set up an appointment with Austin’s Lawn Care to have your yard aerated on a nice day, and then follow up with a seeding session as soon as possible so that the new grass can take root in freshly treated soil.

When planting new trees in your yard, the most important thing to remember is to dig a hole at least twice as big as the root ball of your new plant, with a depth no deeper than the height of the root ball itself. This practice is known for leading to the quick growth and success of your new tree.

A best practice for planting new shrubs is to take advantage of mulch. Once your plant is in the ground, apply 2-3 inches of mulch surrounding the base – but not all the way up to the trunk – to help the soil maintain much-needed moisture.

Once your new plants are in the ground, the best way to assure a long and healthy life is to care for them in the proper way by teaming up with Austin’s Lawn Care to look after your landscape. Offering innovative weed management and prevention, mulching, irrigation solutions, insect control, and more, our team of professionals will help you keep your yard in top-shape for not only this season but for years to come.

To learn more or to start planting your own landscape, visit Austin’s Lawn Care today.