irrigation system

Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

Growing and maintaining a lush lawn is a goal of many homeowners in the Kansas City area, especially in the upcoming spring and summer months. Achieving your dream and getting your grass to be just the perfect shade of green doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you can be one step closer when you install an irrigation system from Austin’s Lawn Care.

Irrigation systems are the perfect solution to giving your grass the care it needs to flourish. From small front yards to luxuriously large acreage, irrigation systems can benefit any home’s lawn. When you install an irrigation system, you can expect to:

Eliminate Hassle
Gone are the days of dragging out the hose and sprinkler at exactly the right time every other day to make sure your grass is watered. With an irrigation system, the watering process will be streamlined, ensuring all desired areas are watered continually and evenly. Plus, irrigation systems are automated, meaning your lawn will receive care even when you are away from home, or simply forget about the chore.

Conserve Water
With features such as zone systems, soil moisture sensors, rain shut-off devices, and drip-irrigation, your system will be able to track the exact amount of water your lawn needs without overuse. Plus, many irrigation systems have technology that is constantly improving and even feature wifi clocks such as Hydrawise that pull data off of weather stations to assist in adjusting water use and levels. Not only does this help your lawn remain healthy and vibrant, but it also helps keep your home environmentally friendly.

Save Money
Thanks to the same systems that help you save water along with pressure regulated heads and valves, your irrigation system will help you save money on your water bill. With an irrigation system, the extra costs of accidentally overwatering are eliminated, and you can rest easy knowing both your lawn and wallet are in optimal shape.

Austin’s Lawn Care knows that no two lawns are identical, which is why no two irrigation systems are either. Along with the already listed benefits, when you partner with Austin’s Lawn Care to install your irrigation system, you will receive a custom-designed system perfect for your lawn’s shape and vegetation, as well as regular expert maintenance.

Experience the benefits of an irrigation system today by calling Austin’s Lawn Care at 913-422-0012 to schedule a free consultation.